Video BEST Mavic Pro Accessories Of 2017

The Mavic Pro is a fantastic drone. It is extremely portable and robust. Here are a few accessories that will improve your flying experience with your Mavic. Best DJI Mavic Pro accessories   Other Accessories Some accessories not mentioned on the video are Extra batteries to increase your flight time, a set of extra Propellers in case you damage […]

Video DJI Mavic Pro Float Kit

Testing of DJI Mavic Float Kit If you want to get some peace of mind when flying your Mavic pro near water take a look at this float kit design to allow soft landing and take of from water. It is unlikely to be much help if your DJI Mavic plummets into the water but […]

Video DJI Mavic Pro – Camera Sun Shade / Lens Hood Cover Test

Video Comparison of DJI Mavic with and without Sun Shade Cover Test of a camera sun shade cover for the DJI Mavic Pro. Shows comparison of 3D printed shade cover vs. no cover, and DJI standard clear cover vs. no cover. Video not focused properly, but still “clearly” shows the sun flares occurring during panning […]

Drone VS Quadcopter. What’s the Difference?

What is a Drone: Drone vs Quadcopter If you have spent any time looking into the world of recreational drones, you may have noticed that both the terms “Drone” and “Quadcopter” are used relatively frequently. Quadcopters and drones are very closely related. However, they are each a bit different from each other. A quadcopter is […]

Video Comparison GoPro Hero5 Session vs SJCAM M20

Hero5 Session vs SJCAM M20 The Hero5 Session is GoPro’s smallest camera this generation and competes directly with the considerably cheaper SJCAM M20. Despite the price difference the cameras ar fairly evenly matched with the M20 even having a few advantages. The Hero5 Session has a 10MP sensor compared to the M20’s 16MP once. Both […]

The Syma X8 Crash resistance and durability

These Syma X8W and X8S drones are still flying after dozens of crashes. The Syma X8 is a 350mm-size toy-grade quadcopter and is currently thelargest produced by the Guangdong-based company Syma. Despite such entry-level features, the X8 is actually quite well built as withmany other Syma products such as the highly popular X5C. The X8 comeswith a well-designed body […]

Video Comparison SJCAM SJ6 Legend vs M20 Night Low Light Comparison

Low light comparison of the SJCAM SJ6 Legend vs the SJCAM M20 Take a look at our article Video Comparison SJCAM M20 vs SJ6 Legend for a more in-depth comparison.   Source

Video Underwater 360 video | Elephone EleCam 360 (aka MGCool 360)

Underwater Video taken with the The MGCool Cam 360 (formerly called Elecam 360) The MGCool Cam 360 is currently one of the most affordable fully spherical 360 cameras, not just that, it comes with it’s own underwater housing eated up to 30m (100ft) Other consumer 360 cameras either don’t have a dedicated housing, or they […]

Pictures and specifications of the DJI Spark Drone

Pictures of the DJI Spark Leaked Pictures of what is reported to be then new DJI spark have been leaked by SB-DJI, not much is know at the moment besides it’s name and fairly small size  (6″ / 15cm long). There are some rumors claiming this tiny Drone will be DJI’s approach to the recent popularity of […]

Video Comparison SJCAM M20 vs SJ6 Legend

Video Comparing the SJCAM M20 vs the SJCAM SJ6 Legend Both Cameras are recording at 1080p 60fps. Comparison The M20 is one of the smallest SJCam cameras, and the second is their top of the line SJ6 Legend. The M20 is a classic camera, small and nice, whereas the SJ6 seems to be aconcentration of technology and […]

Video Modifying the Hubsan X4 H502 Battery Door

How to modify the Hubsan X4 H502 Drone Battery door This episode, shows how to modify the rear battery door of the Popular Hubsan H502 to allow us to connect the battery outside of the copter acting as switch! This is a supper handy as well as easy to do hack! So grab the dremel and […]

Video Comparison Thieye T5e VS GitUp Git2 Gyro ON Night test

ThiEYE T5e vs GitUp Git2 Low light test with gyro Stabilization Thieye T5e GitUp Git2 Gyro ON ON Firmware 161416 1,6 Resolution [email protected] [email protected] Source