Video Scuba Diving with SeaLife Underwater Camera

  • 26 Nov 2016
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Here’s some footage of a reef dive in Pompano Beach, Florida, with South Florida Diving HQ and Jim’s Dive Shop. This was a drift dive along a ledge. Lots of life and even caught some eels swimming around! Filmed with a SeaLife Underwater Camera.

SeaLife Underwater Camera Features and Specifications

Includes DC2000 underwater housing, DC2000 inner camera, Sea Dragon 2500 Light Head (SL6712), Flex-Connect Grip (SL9905P), and Single Tray (SL9903P)
4 underwater shooting modes with built-in color correction (dive, snorkel, external light, and external flash)
25 Land Scene modes for various shooting environments
Full 1080p 60fps HD video with picture-in-video capture
Optional manual control from F1.8 to F11 in 0.3 stop increments
 SeaLife Underwater Camera

SeaLife Underwater Camera
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