Video NEOPine Full Face Snorkel Mask

  • 26 Jan 2017
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Video Using the Full Face NEOpine Snorkel mask

Neopine snorkel mask Features and Specifications

REVOLUTIONARY product created and deigned by Decathlon's own brand, Tribord. Winners of the Innovation Awards 2014, Oxylane Awards 2014, and the Red Dot Design 2014, etc.
NEW 2018 DESIGN with enhanced anti-fogging and anti-leaking. An exclusive air circulation prevents the formation of fog; "Dry Top" snorkel system limits water entry through snorkel top.
EASY BREATHING: natural breathing through the nose and/or mouth; FIELD OF VISION: truly 180° panoramic field of vision; EASY DRESSING: adjustable elasticated textile strap that does not pull your hair out.
HIGH QUALITY materials safe to users. Skirt is made with 100% MEDICAL GRADE Silicone, Frame is 100% Polypropylene and Lens and Tube are made with 100.00% PC-ABS
FREE ADVSEATM Waterproof case and replacement Ring is included. Waterproof case allows you to take photos or videos under water during snorkeling and other water related activities.
Full Face snorkel mask

Neopine snorkel mask
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