Video Comparison Git2P VS Git2 FOV differnece

Git2P VS Git2

Comparing both of GitUp’s Git2 action camera models. The Git2P has a Panasonic Sensor with a 90° FOV, instead of the regular Git2’s ultra wide 170° filed of view.

The Gi2P is the perfect choice for those that want an action camera without the fisheye effect and lens distortion.

GitUp Git2P Features and Specifications

Updated Panasonic Sensor 2160P 24fps 1080P 60fps Full HD WiFi Action Camera High quality all glass elements
FOV: 90° (No Fish Eye!) Remote Control, TV Out, HDMI Out (FYI: "Git2P" is not the same firmware as "Git2" Pro)
Updated Panasonic MN34120PA 16MP sensor has better white balance and better low light performance
microSD memory card (not included) with a Class 10 or UHS-1 rating Up to 128GB capacity supported Record times vary with resolutions and frame rates
Note: The Git2P camera with 90° lens isn't compatible with the original GitUp waterproof case. GitUp, as seen on DashCamTalk !

GitUp Git2 Features and Specifications

Difference:The difference between Git2 camera and Git2P is the sensor, New version Git2P cam use Panasonic MN34120PA sensor, but Git2 use Sony IMX260 Sensor
Compatible with IOS and Android smartphone.
WIFI: Supported(Wrist remote control sold separately)
Storage: Micro SD memory card with a class 10 or UHS-1 rating up to 128GB capacity
Using as dash cam:Gitup Git2P support auto-start recording,loop recording ,G-Sensor,Vehicle identity text and motion detection.

Side by side comparison in daylight

GitUp Git2 (Sony IMX206) compared to GitUp Git2P (Panasonic MN34120). Quick comparison shot in 1080p 30fps under daylight conditions. Both cams have same lenses and settings.


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