Video Hero5 Black vs Hero4 Black Quality / Sharpness Comparison

  • 25 Mar 2017
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GoPro HERO5 Black vs HERO4 Black


If you’re trying to decide whether to upgrade to the new GoPro HERO5 Blackfrom the previous model or have found a good deal on the HERO4 Black and aretrying to decide which to get, here’s a rundown of how the two models aredifferent and how they’re similar.

Overall, the HERO5 takes the best features of the HERO4 Black and Silver andcombines them in a single camera while adding some interesting new featureslike voice control, video stabilization, a RAW photo format, automatic GPStagging, and automatic uploading to the new GoPro Plus cloud service.

So the HERO5 Black is slightly larger than a naked HERO4 Black without ahousing.

A built-in touchscreen display was one of the defining differences between theHERO4 Black and Silver-the Silver had it, the Black didn’t.

In the same way that the HERO4 Silver’s settings were easier to navigate on-camera thanks to the screen, I’ve found it to make a big difference in makingthe HERO5 Black much more user-friendly.

That means two things: it’s one less thing thing to be hassling with while you’retrying to shoot, and the overall package of the HERO5 Black comes in smallerthan the combination of a HERO4 Black and the Standard Housing.

The HERO5 Black uses the new USB-C connector while the HERO4 Black usesthe much older mini-USB connector.

Some accessories for the HERO4 will work on the HERO5 Black, but manywon’t.

The HERO5 Black does everything the HERO4 Black and HERO4 Silver do andthen quite a lot more.

One of the best things about the HERO5 Black is that GoPro reduced the MSRPto $399.99, where the HERO4 Black’s MSRP started at $499. And that is apretty compelling feature in itself.