Video Osmo VS GoPro Grip

  • 25 Mar 2017
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We take a look at two competing products the DJI Osmo and the GoPro Karma Grip. In this battle to the death who will win?

DJI Osmo vs GoPro Karma Grip

DJI launched its Osmo handheld gimbal in 2015 and GoPro just released its first alongside the Karma drone.

There are some key differences that are worth noting and they’re mostly theresult of DJI being a drone company and GoPro being a camera company.

The GoPro Karma Grip is either $299 or $799 when bundled with the Karmadrone neither version comes with a cameraCompatible GoPro Hero5 cameras start at $299 though the Karma Grip works with the older generation Hero4 Silver and Black cameras, too.

The Osmo features a button the front of the grip that lets the user lock thecamera in place.

DJI offers several different versions of the Osmo with the top of the line modelsporting a large imaging sensor comparable to some of the best handheldcameras on the market.

The GoPro Karma Grip uses GoPro cameras and is compatible with the olderHero4 camera as well as the new Hero5 and Hero5 session.

Side-by-side, the GoPro’s video looks superior though it should be noted thatDJI recently released a newer version of the Osmo that features an improvedcamera at a slightly higher price.

Think about how GoPro cameras are generally used: point and shootFor the longest time, GoPro cameras didn’t even have a built-in screenThe camera required the user just point the camera at the subject.

With the Karma Grip, users point the camera at the subject and start recordingThe Karma Grip does not have any camera movement controlsDJI included a small joystick-type button that can move the camera even while the grip stays still.

Have the Osmo mounted on a tripod? This little button can let the camera movewhile everything else stays still.

There’s even a button that causes the camera to quickly spin around into aselfie mode, pointing the camera backwards at the user.

DJI and GoPro are quickly becoming major forces in the consumer electronicsworld and the Osmo and Karma Grip will compete on the market.

Buy the Karma Grip if the camera is going to strapped onto a mountain bike to race down a mountainside and then at a water park with the kidsOf course, both cameras can do both, but since the GoPro can better survive rough activities, it makes sense to purchase it if the camera will be used as such.