SJCAM SJ7 Star Native 4K Action Camera

Official SJCAM SJ7 Star Action Camera advert.

SJCAM SJ7 Star Features and Specifications

DESCRIPTION:SJ7 STAR is truly a wonder with true 4K video and a metal body and 2" Touch screen this is really the camera everyone has been waiting for. The camera comes equipped with gyro stabilization and slow motion record and time lapse and is sure to please any action recording enthusiasts.
ACCESSORIES:SJ7 STAR comes with a variety of mounts including the waterproof case, bicycle mount, flat mount for a dash cam option and a curved mount fitted with adhesive for a helmet. A multi-language booklet comes with the camera so anyone can start shooting their favorite subjects. There is also a quick release j-hook buckle and other mounts such as the universal 1/4" tripod mount and another tripod mount adapter.
FEATURES:The SJ7 STAR has remote capabilities with the SJCAM app and also the SJCAM remote selfie stick and the SJCAM remote watch. These tools easily pair with the SJ7. This camera can use the SJCAM external microphone which enhances audio. The mics come with clips to easily attach where you need them most.
PHOTO/VIDEO:Video can be shot at 1080P 4K: 3840×2160 16:9 30fps (Native 4K), 960P, and 720P. Single Images are 12 MP and are interpolated to 16 MP.

SJCAM’s first real 4K action camera

While The SJCAM SJ7 Star is capable of real, native 4K resolution recording, The SJ6 Legend is recording interpolated 4K. This is SJCAM’s first native 4K actioncamera.

The Sony IMX117 sensor is also used in the native 4K Andoer C5 camera andTHIeye T5. The Chipset will be an Ambarella A12, which can be found in other cameras, such as EKEN H8 Pro & Andoer C5. Frame Rates: 4K – 30 fps – native! 2K – 60 fps.
The SJCAM SJ7 Star supports microSD cards up to 32GB, selected microSDcards also up to 64 GB. Class 10 is recommended, U3 for 4K recording.Power & Setup buttons are located on the front side of SJ7, in contrast they are on the side of SJ6. On top of the camera there is a record/shutter button.

Great to see SJCAM offering the first native 4K Action Camera! Who’s the competition? Obviously the YI 4K Action Camera; same as SJ7 Star it offers native 4K recording & a touch display.



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