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Video BEST Mavic Pro Accessories Of 2017

The Mavic Pro is a fantastic drone. It is extremely portable and robust. Here are a few accessories that will improve your flying experience with your Mavic. Best DJI Mavic Pro accessories   Other Accessories Some accessories not mentioned on the video are Extra batteries to increase your flight time, a set of extra Propellers in case you damage […]

Video DJI Mavic Pro Float Kit

Testing of DJI Mavic Float Kit If you want to get some peace of mind when flying your Mavic pro near water take a look at this float kit design to allow soft landing and take of from water. It is unlikely to be much help if your DJI Mavic plummets into the water but […]

Drone VS Quadcopter. What’s the Difference?

What is a Drone: Drone vs Quadcopter If you have spent any time looking into the world of recreational drones, you may have noticed that both the terms “Drone” and “Quadcopter” are used relatively frequently. Quadcopters and drones are very closely related. However, they are each a bit different from each other. A quadcopter is […]

The Syma X8 Crash resistance and durability

These Syma X8W and X8S drones are still flying after dozens of crashes. The Syma X8 is a 350mm-size toy-grade quadcopter and is currently thelargest produced by the Guangdong-based company Syma. Despite such entry-level features, the X8 is actually quite well built as withmany other Syma products such as the highly popular X5C. The X8 comeswith a well-designed body […]

Video Modifying the Hubsan X4 H502 Battery Door

How to modify the Hubsan X4 H502 Drone Battery door This episode, shows how to modify the rear battery door of the Popular Hubsan H502 to allow us to connect the battery outside of the copter acting as switch! This is a supper handy as well as easy to do hack! So grab the dremel and […]

Video Comparison Hubsan vs DJI Phantom – Performance Comparison

Hubsan H501S X4 advanced versus DJI Phantom 3 advanced Comparison This is the Hubsan H501S X4 advanced versus DJI Phantom 3 advanced. In this video I will compare the performance, features and price. This includes flight time, hover accuracy, video quality, noise level, top speed and control distance. I will also take a look at […]

Video DJI Mavic Pro vs Yuneec Q500 vs Gopro Hero 4 Black Karma Camera comparison

A comparison of the video footage produced by the DJI Mavic Pro, The Yuneec Q500 and the Karma Drone with a Hero 4 Black action camera.   The new Mavic Pro has been taking flak on its picture quality, nevertheless it beats out the GoPro and may be very near the Q500, all clips are in […]

Video Comparison MAVIC PRO vs. PHANTOM 4 vs. INSPIRE 1(comparison)

A comparison of DJI’s models from the light hobyist oriented Mavic Pro to the Profesional Inspire 1. Drone Comparison DJI Mavic Pro, DJI Phantom 4, and the DJI Inspire 1.      

Amazing footage Tigers vs drone: Felines go wild chasing flying prey

The video was filmed in a Siberian tiger enclosure in China’s Heilongjiang Province. The tigers, a few of which look a bit obese, have fun chasing the drone. The tigers managed to take the drone down & tried to tear it aside, however have been slightly shocked when smoke began popping out of the machine. Staff […]

Video Unboxing MJX X101 Drone

Unboxing video of the MJX X101 Quadcopter Drone MjX X101 Review This drone stands out  by providing different camera options and even an action camera mount allowing you to add your own GoPro or other high quality action camera. The MJX X101 come with C4008 aerial camera component, is FPV real-time image transmission lens, can connect […]

Video Comparison New Syma X8S vs X8W

New Syma Models X8S vs X8W Review of  the new Syma X8S models compared to older offerings from the Syma X8 product lineup. We also preview how you can mount a GoPro to the new X8S and use our custom snap-on legs that we designed. Source